[bt-devel] Multiple lemmas (OSIS)

Tom Cornell tom.cornell at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 17:30:33 MST 2008

As an exercise in learning about the Sword library and friends, and to help
me with my homework for a Greek class I'm taking at my church, I have been
trying to construct a Sword module from the CCAT/Tauber source material at
MorphGNT.org. Because the text is UBS4/NA27, sometimes the lemmas differ
from what you would find in Strong's. So I want to display the lemma from
the CCAT/Tauber database (which is also what you would find in the UBS4
glossary) in addition to the entry from Strong's, in BibleTime (which for me
is by far the most intuitive sword client I have found for doing NT Greek,
at least).

Unfortunately, I could not get the extra lemma to show up in BT.

The module I am constructing is in OSIS format, so this has to do with
backend/bt_osishtml.cpp. The tag in my module looks something like this:

<w lemma="lemma.DUMMY:ἐν lemma.strong:G1722" morph="robinson:PREP">ἐν</w>

In BibleTime version 1.6.5, bt_osishtml.cpp line 155 there is the following

            if ((*val == 'H') || (*val == 'G')) {

Basically, the "alternate" lemma (well, it's the same as Strong's _most_ of
the time) is filtered out because it doesn't start with 'G' or 'H'. I can
change my OSIS generator to prepend a 'G', and it will work, but the output
is funny looking, because there is no break between the G and the greek
characters. It looks better if I simply comment out the if. It still shows
up as "Strongs: ἐν", but I can live with that for now.

So the question is: What would be the right way to get this result? I
presume that if-statement is there for a reason, and there is something it
is guarding against. Any advice would be welcome.

Tom Cornell
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