[bt-devel] Updates to the wiki, forums reanimated

cricketc at gmail.com cricketc at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 14:16:53 MST 2008

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 11:00:31PM +0300, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> Having a forum is generally a good thing. It's a modern way of
> communication. But the effectiveness depends on critical mass. It has to
> draw attention before it draws attention. I think that developers should
> be active to respond there. We could write some posts which address some
> faq-like questions. There should be some carefully selected categories,
> but not too many. We could for example start poll threads where users
> could tell their opinions about new or old features.
> We can (or have to)  save the wiki for developers but I would like to
> communicate more with end users, too. SourceForge task database is fine
> but it's clumsy to use for informal discussion.
> There is hardly a sadder thing than a forum which has been in internet
> for some time but has only a couple of users and some tens of posts. We
> should avoid that.
> My prediction is that things will change, even dramatically, when BT
> runs on Windows. We will get much larger user base and interest. Until
> then I don't see very urgent need for a forum, though it is nice to
> have. We don't get much feedback right now, would it change with a new
> forum?
> If we together decide that the forum is a good thing, we have to
> advertise it in our web page (more than in one link), in Crosswire news
> etc.

I would love to see a well-used forum as well. That might be something
I can post to periodically, but we would definitely need to advertise
it. I would suggest only having one forum - if we have one on bt.info,
then I think we should remove the one on crosswire (especially if we
have a link there pointing to bt.info).


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