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Bugs item #1778328, was opened at 2007-08-21 06:43
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Category: Frontend / Bible display window
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 2
Private: No
Submitted By: Jason (jturning)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Second translation won't display

Initial Comment:
This seems to have broken with some new KDE updates. Multiple translation windows of the Bible won't display. I had the same errors when I manually compiled and installed the latest version, but went pack to available package for openSUSE 10.2. The message from --debug when trying to enable second translation window.

(BibleTime 1.6.3b) WARNING: ASSERT: "module" in cmodulechooserbutton.cpp (263)



Comment By: Luke Plant (lukeplant)
Date: 2007-10-15 17:29

Logged In: YES 
Originator: NO

I'm seeing the same thing.  If I load existing sessions, which have
multiple translations side-by-side, I have no problem.  If I try to remove
the last translation, the column disappears but the button than controlled
it does not.  Adding a translation back again fails, using either the
normal button (with plus sign) or the now superfluous button.  This makes
BibleTime pretty difficult to use!

BibleTime: 1.6.4
KDE: 3.5.8

Kubuntu Gutsy packages.


Comment By: Jason (jturning)
Date: 2007-08-26 19:15

Logged In: YES 
Originator: YES

Included valgrind log file on app. First errors were me trying to add
second language view. Then the program crashed when toggling on cross
referencing. This is the openSUSE package of Bibletime, but I had the
problems with the self compiled versions.

Let me know if you want some specific settings on valgrind when I run it.
File Added: bibletime.vg


Comment By: Jason (jturning)
Date: 2007-08-21 06:51

Logged In: YES 
Originator: YES

kdebase3-3.5.7-80.1 at x86_64
kdebase3-SuSE-10.2-84 at x86_64
kdebase3-devel-3.5.7-80.1 at x86_64
kdebase3-kdm-3.5.7-80.1 at x86_64
kdebase3-ksysguardd-3.5.7-80.1 at x86_64
kdebase3-nsplugin64-3.5.7-80.1 at x86_64
kdebase3-samba-3.5.7-80.1 at x86_64
kdebase3-session-3.5.7-80.1 at x86_64
kdebindings3-3.5.7-94.2 at x86_64
kdebindings3-javascript-3.5.7-97.2 at x86_64
kdebindings3-python-3.5.7-95.2 at x86_64
kdebindings3-ruby-3.5.7-94.2 at x86_64
kdeedu3-3.5.7-28.2 at x86_64
kdegames3-3.5.7-29.2 at x86_64
kdegames3-board-3.5.7-29.2 at x86_64
kdegames3-card-3.5.7-29.2 at x86_64
kdegraphics3-3.5.7-29.3 at x86_64
kdegraphics3-fax-3.5.7-29.3 at x86_64
kdegraphics3-kamera-3.5.7-29.3 at x86_64
kdegraphics3-pdf-3.5.7-29.3 at x86_64
kdegraphics3-postscript-3.5.7-29.3 at x86_64
kdegraphics3-scan-3.5.7-29.3 at x86_64
kdelibs3-3.5.7-69.1 at x86_64
kdelibs3-arts-3.5.7-69.1 at x86_64
kdelibs3-default-style-3.5.7-69.1 at x86_64
kdelibs3-devel-3.5.7-69.1 at x86_64
kdelibs3-doc-3.5.7-69.1 at x86_64


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