[bt-devel] Port status

Joachim Ansorg nospam+bt-devel at joachim-ansorg.de
Thu Jul 19 10:55:13 MST 2007

thanks a lot for your hard work!

> kio_ftptransport: almost ported. "kio_ftptransport.cpp:57: error: class
> KIO::Job has no member named 'progressId'". Could Joachim help with
> this? I didn't understand why this is used and what it does. Martin
> didn't know that code either.

Yes, progressId seems to be unavailable in KDE 4.
KIO_FTPTransport uses active waiting (bad!), the progressId is used to store 
the exit code of the copy operation (by looking at the code :).

I guess that you can remove the progressId part. 

> frontend/ directory has now only one unported class, cprofile. Go ahead
> and port it, I hate it :) I will continue with settingsdialog, feel free
> to edit other directories. After these three directories are ready there
> are only searchdialog files and bibletime/ top level classes left.

Is CProfile that bad? :) Or do you just dislike DOM handling?

Thanks for your persistence to work on this code,

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