[bt-devel] AutoTools

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 12:14:52 MST 2006


I'm begging/borrowing/stealing some of the files from Bibletime and
some of its template to get AutoTools working for my wxWidgets
front-end for Sword.  As such, I am running into a mysterious problem:
when I run my autoconf-generated configure script, it properly locates
sword in my directory /opt/local/lib/libsword.a and
/opt/local/include/sword/....  The autoconf macro from the sword.m4
file in Bibletime properly passes the -I/opt/local/include/sword/ on
to my Makefiles when I add $(SWORD_INCLUDES) onto my INCLUDES variable
in Makefile.am; however, the variable SWORD_LIBRARY_PATH comes up as
empty, even though configure prints out /opt/local/lib in its text
output to the console.  Therefore I cannot use it to add manually to
wxSword_LDFLAGS nor is it passed along by $(all_libraries).  Is there
something horribly obvious that I'm missing?  Thanks.


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