[bt-devel] possible cvs bug

anthony kerr anton_kylie at pacific.net.au
Tue Jun 8 03:57:57 MST 2004

Hi Joachim

I am loving the fast searching and also the info display concept is clean and 
good too.

Although some users might disagree I find it is better for my greek if I don't 
have the parsing info in the text, it makes me think a bit harder.

I might have identified a bug, it seems that when the WHAC module has two 
strongs numbers, one for lexical info, one for morphology that the info 
display gets confused. (this is generally true for verbs).

for Λέγει in Revelation 22:20, info display shows

Strongs: G5719
5719 Tense-Present See 
 Voice-Active See 
 Mood -Indicative See 

Morphology: V-PAI-3S
Tense: Present
Voice: Active
Mood: Indicative
Person: third
Number: Singular

and mod2imp reveals

$$$Revelation of John 22:20
Λέγει <WG3004> <WG5719> <WTV-PAI-3S>

in Christ

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