[bt-devel] feature request

Troy A. Griffitts bt-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 10:01:40 -0700

Hey guys.  Just posted this on #sword but am not sure if anyone is at 
the keyboard to see it.  Posting here:

<scribe> added a new search feature and used Bibletime to do my homework 
last night :)
<scribe> you can now specify a search of the entryAttributes.
<scribe> Like in Thayer you can search for: AVPhrase//Phrase/save
<scribe> and it will find all the greek words with an AV Translation 
that includes 'save'
<scribe> I have a bt request though.
<scribe> when I get search results, I can CTRL-A to highlight them all, 
then right-click and say: Copy Reference and Text
<scribe> which is cool
<scribe> but when I paste it into openoffice spreadsheet
<scribe> there is VERSE REFERENCE: then <down> and to the <right> is the 
<scribe> I had to paste into VI
<scribe> and change:
<scribe>   VERSE TEXT
<scribe> into:
<scribe> so pasting into oo spreadsheet worked nice
<scribe> it would be cool to have a copy feature that copied in that format.
<scribe> Maybe even a 'Clipboard Format' in the options that allowed the 
format to be specified, like maybe I want book title, e.g. 'King James 
Verse 1611 (KJV)' at the end or other options like that.