[bt-devel] Documents - Completed items

Fred Saalbach bt-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 22 Dec 2001 11:05:06 -0500

I just finished posting minor changes to bibletime-doc

Everything except the handbook is finished and ready for final proof
reading (I think).  .pot files and .html files have been posted.

If any further changes are needed please let me know.

There is a file ~/bibletime-doc/docs/ksgmltools-bug-read-me.txt that
explanes how to fix a problem with the <trademark> tag.  Please read it
if you are going to be working with the docs and wounder why you see
things like XML?

Still to do
Fix make problem
Revise handbook

The best Christmass Greetings to all
Fred Saalbach