[bd-users] Removing Bible Desktop

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 20:54:24 MST 2004

I forgot to ask, what version of the program are you running?

I have not had time to look at it tonight. I am not too familiar with 
the path you mentioned.
The first thing you need to do is get rid of desktop.properties as I 
mentioned before.
Then open Bible Desktop.
If it tells you that you need to download a module, ignore it and close 
the dialog.
In the program, open the tools -> options -> sword
Click on add and navigate to the MacSword/Modules directory and click on 
OK/Open/Save (or what ever it is called on the Mac).
Click on OK to save your changes and dismiss the Options window.

The code is supposed to allow for more than one location for sword 
modules. (This is what I was going to see about, and haven't)

Then go to Tools -> Books -> Installed Books. If your modules that you 
downloaded in MacSword are listed, then it works. (Otherwise, we have 
another change to make to the program.) If it does not and you feel that 
you know your way around the mac to find the .jsword and 
MacSword/Modules sub-directories, I can help you figure out how to copy 
the modules from one directory to the other.

See below for specific responses to your comments.

Christine Roberton wrote:

> Thanks for responding!  Your planned changes sound great and will make 
> for a really useful program.
> I don't know how a mac pathway would look as compared to something you 
> would see in say, the autoexec.bat path file in Windows, but here's 
> the route:
> iBook HD/Users/chris/Apps/MacSword/MacSword/Modules
> I'm a lot less savvy about the inner workings of a Mac OS than I was 
> with Windows, mainly because I've had so few problems with it.  My  
> Mac OS version is 10.3.5.
> ====================
> Chris Roberton
> chrisroberton at mac.com
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> On Oct 28, 2004, at 3:05 PM, DM Smith wrote:
>> Christine,
>>    I have to get ready for a bible study tonight. When I get back, I 
>> will see if I can figure out how you can reuse your existing 
>> directory of modules in JSword. Could you send me your path to those 
>> modules?
>>    I really appreciate you expressing your frustration. It helps us 
>> make the program better! Some of the changes we need to make:
>> 1) search for module locations that other sword programs use and add 
>> those automatically to the search path.
>> 2) Provide a "factory reset" for options.
>> 3) Provide an uninstall.
>> Thanks,
>>    DM
>> BTW, Mark is our resident Mac expert. I haven't use one since the 
>> early 80's. So I make educated guesses as to what is happening.
>> Christine Roberton wrote:
>>> Okay, here's the deal...I initially installed MacSword and several 
>>> modules, all of which worked fine.  I decided I wanted something 
>>> with search capabilities.  I found the Bible Desktop on the JSword 
>>> site and decided to give it a try BECAUSE it used the MacSword 
>>> modules (and I had several.)  I downloaded Bible Desktop to run in 
>>> the conventional manner (not using Java WebStart).  The first thing 
>>> the program wanted me to do was select and download modules.  There 
>>> was no option for accessing the already existing modules on my hard 
>>> drive.  So I downloaded a module, just to see how Bible desktop 
>>> worked, but continued to look for ways to make it use already 
>>> existing modules.  After searching around, I gave up in frustration 
>>> and decided to remove the program because I didn't want a bunch of 
>>> duplicate modules.
>>> I then decided that maybe using the Java WebStart version would be 
>>> an efficient way of doing things.  In my very vague (pea-brained) 
>>> understanding, I thought that this type of program would access all 
>>> the modules I wanted ON THE WEB, with only a small core of program 
>>> files actually downloaded to my computer.  When the program again 
>>> wanted me to DOWNLOAD modules, I decided I would just not waste any 
>>> more time on it, and deleted the icon that starts the program, 
>>> although I knew, to my frustration that there were files on my 
>>> computer that supported the program and I had no idea how to delete 
>>> them all.
When you deleted the icon that starts the program, you did not delete 
the program. You will need to ask Java WebStart to delete the program. 
To do it you will need to run Java WebStart as an application. On the 
view menu choose "Downloaded Applications" (It may have already been in 
this view). Then click on Bible Desktop and then on the Application menu 
choose remove application.

The above deletes the program, but does not delete the data that the 
program downloaded or that it created. This is in the ~/.jsword 
directory where desktop.properties is found. If you delete this 
directory, you have completed the deletion of Bible Desktop.

>>> I have had nothing but trouble with MacSword since...it only allows 
>>> a few books (modules) otherwise it crashes.  Right now, the modules 
>>> I have are the Bible, KJV with Strong's numbers, et. al; The Matthew 
>>> Henry Complete Bible Commentary; a Greek and a Hebrew Dictionary; a 
>>> Daily devotional; and Calvin's Institutes.  When I tried recently to 
>>> add the  Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown commentary, the program 
>>> crashed - I've tried several times to bring the program up and it 
>>> continues to crash.

We are making progress in finishing a 1.0 version (almost there). Right 
now, there are bugs in it, but they are getting fixed. The nightly build 
has a significant bug in "search" It does not find all the verses. So at 
this time I would recommend sticking with the "stable" version.

>>> Is anyone knowledgeable in [ MacSword, Bible Desktop, the Mac OS X, 
>>> and Java] able to assist me in any way to come up with a workable 
>>> solution?  I would like to start over fresh, clean up any existing 
>>> messes, and just stick with one program or the other.
If you find a particular problem with Bible Desktop, please let us know 
what it is.

>>> Sorry this is so wordy but I wanted to give a complete picture of 
>>> what I had done so far.
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>>> Chris Roberton
>>> chrisroberton at mac.com
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