Go Bible

Go Bible Viewer For Mobile Phones


  • David's Go Bible Shared folder on box.net – supersedes the former Go Bible repository – this is now the main location for David's Go Bible downloads in many languages and Bible versions
  • Jolon's original Go Bible site – stuck at version 2.2.6
  • The Go Bible Forum – for user help and further information
  • The Go Bible source code on CrossWire – uses SVN (requires an account to have write access)
  • The Go Bible page on Google code – now used only for roadmap & issue tracking
  • The Go Bible Team blog – less technical ; the side panel has further useful links
  • David's Go Bible Viewer pages – has links to several Go Bible sites
  • The Go Bible project page – on the CrossWire Developers' wiki
  • Dirk's Go Bible Creator USFM Preprocessor utility – useful for makers of Go Bible applications