Go Bible

Go Bible Viewer For Mobile Phones


It is nearly impossible to list all the pecularities and specifics we have encountered when trying to install Go Bible modules on various mobile phones of the many different mobile phone makers. Maybe the best is to accept that while mobile phones are still poorly standardised you can not by necessity rely that what works on one phone will work on another. Right now there are three main ways of installing a Go Bible module on a mobile phone:

  • installation via WAP
  • transfer from your PC or laptop via Bluetooth, Infrared or Cable
  • installation directly on flash memory cards.

Further problems can come from partial or complete absence of fonts or inability to deal with bidirectional texts.

Dependent on the phone type or your network provider you may find that it is impossible to install a complete Bible. In this case try to install portions only.

Most modern phones provide MIDP 2.0. Older phones will require that you install the MIDP 1.0 application.

Particularly Sony Ericsson phones have difficulties displaying Arabic style text in the correct direction. Go Bible offers within the Options menu a setting to reverese text direction. Please try this out if you find there is a problem.