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Posted by mdbergmann at Oct 7, 2009 1:37:35 AM
MacSword 1.4.4 has been released with these changes:

- russian localisation
- minor changes to the locale system
- fix for Strong's 3588 bug which occured when a word was tagged with more than one Strong's number.

Posted by mdbergmann at Oct 12, 2009 2:26:03 PM
Final version of MacSword 2.0
I'm happy to finally announce that version MacSword 2.0 has now been released.
A few bugs have been fixed from the last release candidate.

Also all the SWORD command line tools are now bundled in the application under "Contents/Resources/bin" which helps module creators so they don't need to compile the tools themselves.

Posted by mdbergmann at Jan 8, 2010 3:43:29 AM
Final version of MacSword 2.1
Version 2.1 has been released with the following changes:

- Notes system. Left sidebar has a new category "Notes". Notes basically are RTF text files manageable in MacSword. They can be created, moved and deleted from MacSword and are integrated into MacSword as tabs or windows. Bible references can be added to note's text which will show the reference target as tooltip or in the preview window. This should give a bit of word processing capability without the need of another software like TextEdit.
- A different font can be chosen for every module.
- Left sidebar is more iTunes like with new drawer icons.
- Headings (pre-verse and book/chapter introductions) are now displayed when enabled.
- The latest version of the SWORD engine including developer utilities.
- Two main menu items have been added that create/remove symlinks to the SWORD module utilities in /usr/local/bin folder.
- Fixed problems with right sidebar width settings.
- Finally we have support for morphology modules.
- Many of code cleanups, refactorings and general fixes.

Posted by mdbergmann at Apr 11, 2010 3:38:53 PM
MacSword 2.2
MacSword 2.2 released with the following new features:

<li>Customizable print page margins.</li>
<li>Indexing progress indicator.</li>
<li>Fixed repeating comment verses.</li>
<li>Left sidebar bookmark items show verse list.</li>
<li>Fullscreen view has mouse position sensitive overlay toolbar view.</li>
<li>Text background, foreground and link colours are customizable.</li>
<li>Verse numbering can be switched off completely.</li>
<li>Notes folder in AppSupport now can be a symbolic link.</li>
<li>Adding a new tab/window now opens default bible with Gen 1 instead of being empty.</li>
<li>Slightly different toolbar with toolbar extension (You might need to recustomize your toolbar).</li>
<li>Notes got a text font/colour menu.</li>
<li>Left mouse-click on links now opens them.</li>
<li>Add bookmarks (or add verses to an existing bookmark) from a selected text.</li>
<li>Heavy improvements on speed and memory usage.</li>
<li>Many bugfixes in all areas.</li>