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Posted by rmcape at Apr 23, 2009 2:45:22 PM
Is there any support for SFMToOSIS? I'm trying to use it and I get all kinds of validation errors on the xml it outputs from valid USFM.

Before I have to become a Python expert, I thought I'd ask.

Any pointers to a forum, or other venue that I might be able to pursue would be greatly appreciated.



Posted by gichurch at Apr 23, 2009 3:47:36 PM
I have never got it to work.

I use instead CrossWire's own tool - It works well and produces usually high quality texts with only minimal problems.

Bear in mind though that many USFM texts are not high quality but rather the opposite, so you need to be willing to do some cleaning up if necessary.

Wrt forum etc for that kind of work - subscribe to sword-devel, our mailing list.

Posted by Osk at Apr 23, 2009 4:48:42 PM
Since SFMToOSIS isn't our tool, we don't support it. I've managed to get it to run and run as it was designed to. But the output wasn't precisely what I wanted, and I didn't feel like learning Python to improve it. So I went back to using

I would recommend contacting Snowfall Software/Virtual Storehouse about any support or ongoing development that might relate to SFMToOSIS.