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Posted by etienne at Feb 21, 2009 5:00:10 PM
Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs Numbers
My name is Etienne Snyman, and I am a student of Theology, and for this reason I work with the Greek and Hebrew texts themselves. For this reason I do not want to look at the English text, and then work back to the Hebrew/Greek meaning of the word. Instead, I wish to work the Greek text (or Hebrew) and then click on a Strong's number if I get lost.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is only support for Stong's numbers in the Greek, and not in the Hebrew. For this reason, GnomeSword/Xhiphos is useless to me at the moment, and yet expensive programs such as Libronix do not help me at all, because I cannot afford them.

The Sword project is excellent, and I am a great supporter of it. I would love to use it for my academic work, but this inability to use the Old Testament Hebrew with any success is a big problem for me.

If I can help to solve this problem, I would gladly help.


Posted by etienne at Feb 22, 2009 8:27:04 AM
Re: Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs Numbers
I found a site which has a Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs numbers:,com_d...cat_view/gid,28/Itemid,6/

It is a .zip file, which contains a .bbl file. I know that this is not a format that Xiphos can open, but can it be converted to a Sword Module? It is freely downloadable, so surely this is possible?

Posted by Osk at Feb 24, 2009 12:20:39 AM
Re: Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs Numbers
Not knowing the provenance or licensing of this text, there's no way that we could assume we have a right to use it in Sword.

Posted by Mikey at Apr 25, 2009 12:49:18 AM
Re: Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs Numbers

The best I've been able to get for old testament is to use KJV with strongs, with an available Hebrew text (I use aleppo) in another collumn.

If you are interested in morphology, I'd suggest you check out the MAG window in bibletime, which has morphology displayed while you hover over words in the multi-collumn display of texts. This method isn't direct, but does provide MOST of the morphology for the hebrew texts indirectly, and everything appears on screen (no tabs hiding the hebrew while you hover on the KJV.)

Posted by wulfgang at Apr 12, 2010 4:53:52 PM
Re: Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs Numbers
With the new OSMHB module, this seems to be solved. Thank you very much!