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Posted by icebear at Jan 12, 2009 2:02:23 PM
long dash quote
I am Bible Module. It will be in Nenets a small people groups. It can only be for my personal use because it is copyrighted.

To my surprise I actually have manged to get the first 10 verses in chapter 1 to work with both GnomeSword and Bibletime

When it comes to quotes with Nenets it not strait forward as they have letters in their alphabet which looks like the same a quote. Instead the Nenets Bible use a long dash quote ―.

In a sword manual I read you can have curly quotes by inputting the HTML value.
I tried the same with the long dash quote which I believe the xml value is &#8 213;
(note. I am leaving a gap in the middle otherwise you would see the ― insted)
so a example I tried in English is
<verse sID="Luke.1.13" osisID="Luke.1.13"/>But the angel said to him,

<q marker="&#8 213;" > Don’t be afraid, Zacharias, because your request has been heard, and your wife, Elizabeth, will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John. </q>

<verse eID="Luke.1.13" osisID="Luke.1.13" />

also with the who quote

<verse sID="Luke.4.4" osisID="Luke.4.4"/>Jesus answered him,<q who="Jesus" marker="&#8 213;" > saying, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.</q><verse eID="Luke.4.4" osisID="Luke.4.4" />


with GnomeSword I get diplayed the following
" sID="q1"/> in the first example
"> in the second example

So help would be appreciated.

Posted by dmsmith at Jan 13, 2009 3:55:14 PM
Re: long dash quote
Your usage of the marker attribute seems correct and should work.

The problem you are encountering might either be an application problem or an osis2mod problem.

One way to determine whether it is an application problem is to use a different SWORD app to see if it is a problem in it. If you see a problem with it in Bible Desktop then it is probably a problem with osis2mod.

BibleDesktop uses the JSword engine. So using it is a good way to double check.

If it is an application problem, get the latest GnomeSword or build it from source code control. Most distributions are way behind on their version of GnomeSword.

If it is an application problem, make sure you are using the 1.5.11 version of osis2mod or build it yourself out of svn.

Other than that, the only way I can help is to have a sample file. (You'd need to get it to me privately as we don't want to post module source here.)

In Christ,
DM Smith

Posted by gichurch at Jan 13, 2009 5:57:45 PM
Re: long dash quote
Unrelated to your original question, which DM has asnwered, a separate point:

Given that there are only some 40.000 Nenets according to Wikipedia I would think the permission to distribute a finalised module should be relatively easily acquired - there will be no commercial interest in the module, will there?

If at all possible do try to obtain such permission and submit the final module to our repositories. Maybe this way it will become useful to someone else.

Another matter - once the text is in OSIS, you should also look into getting it into Go Bible a mobile phone application we have taken under our wings. This might be the "killer" application, given the quite amazing distribution of mobile phones in the most unlikely places.

Posted by icebear at Jan 17, 2009 4:32:01 AM
Re: long dash quote
You can see the text I have made so far at the following sight

I have tried my module with Bibletime and get similar results. From the GnomeSword sight I downloaded the ubuntu newer version of GnomeSword and also had the same problems.

Yes if I ever get it to work I would love to have it available to others.

Thank you for your time