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Posted by Yapper at Nov 29, 2008 6:21:19 AM
confused   Some problems in my book in OSIS format
Hello everybody. I need some help about the OSIS syntax.

I've made a book, not a bible, a "genBook". I've used XML (OSIS) Format and xml2gbs to compile. But there are some problems.

I've got some problems :
- My text appears in italic instead of being in bold letters. I've used :
<p>In this paragraph, this word : <hi type="bold">bold</hi> should appears in bold letter</p>

Is it a bug ? I've followes the documentation : Wiki : GenBook

- How should I use to return in the line (I don't how do we say in English) ? I want to stop the text and to write the following words in the next line.
Which tag is appropriate ? This the list I've found :

The full set of (68) tags :
a - abbr - actor - caption - castGroup - castItem - castList - catchWord - cell - closer - contributor - coverage - creator - date - description - div - divineName - figure - foreign - format - head - header - hi - identifier - index - inscription - item - l - label - language - lg - list - mentioned - milestone - milestoneEnd - milestoneStart - name - Note - osis - osisCorpus - osisText - p - publisher - q - rdg - reference - refSystem - relation - revisionDesc - rights - role - roleDesc - row - salute - seg - signed - Source - Speaker - speech - subject - table - teiHeader - title - transChange - type - verse - w - work

I know we can make a return if we close a <p/> and open another... (<p>The next word won't be in this line</p><p>Return</p>) In (X)HTML format we use <br> or <br /> but in XML I don't know...

- Can I put a link in a page (ex : chapter 1) to go in another (chapter 2). I think it possible with <a> but what should I use ??
Is it possible to use : "<a href="#chapter_2">Go to 2</a><p class="chapter_2">This the chapter 2</p>" like in HTML format ???

I've seen these pages :
- Bible technologies (OSIS)
- Wiki : GenBook
(+ Wiki)

I have another questions about the references....

PS : I'm French... I don't speak English very well
I hope I've been understandable (is it approprieated ?)

Posted by ua4ever at Dec 1, 2008 12:21:05 PM
Re: Some problems in my book in OSIS format
It seems to me that for line breaks you could use <lb/> or if it's a paragraph then <p> </p>.

Regarding the <hi type="bold"> tag. It appears that The Sword Project application ignores type in "hi" tag (you reported the "bold" problem, I encountered a "superscript" problem). So, it appears that any "hi" tag will be rendered as italics. Try another program to see if it works correctly (for example, Bible Desktop). At least superscript is rendered correctly by Bible Desktop.

Posted by Yapper at Dec 3, 2008 4:29:31 AM
Re: Some problems in my book in OSIS format
Thank you for your answer...

- I've found some documentation at this page (Manual OSIS 2.1 - PDF). And in fact, the tag <lb /> is used for linebreaks.

- Effectively, the Sword Project application ignores type in "hi" tag because in Bibletime the text appears in bold letters.

- How to put a reference? Because if I puts :
<reference osisRef="Gen.1.6">Genèse 1 v. 6</reference>
it doesn't work... I can see that it's a link but the link doesn't work, if I click onto that link, nothing changes and nothing appears.
However normally a link (if you click onto and which work) in Gnomesword changed the main windows (Left column : Modules to Verses)...
I think the problem in Gnomesword because BibleTime understands my reference.

Also how to put a link in the document pointed in a page of this book ? And how to put a reference in OSIS format ???