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Posted by Pasture_Steve at Aug 15, 2008 4:53:12 PM
Copying The Text From The Cross Reference Window
When cross references are available in the commentary window is there a key combination that will allow me to highlight the verses text and copy it to the clipboard.



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Posted by dmsmith at Aug 16, 2008 4:28:01 AM
Re: Copying The Text From The Cross Reference Window
Which SWORD program are you using? Each handles cross-references differently. And Windows, Linux and Mac handle copy and paste with some differences.

Here are the most common:
The SWORD Project for Windows
MacSword (for Mac)
BibleDesktop (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
GnomeSword (for Linux)
BibleTime (for Linux)

In most of these you would use your mouse to highlight the text. Holding down shift as you click will extend your selection from the last place you clicked.

Sometimes you can click in the window and then do a Control-A or Command-A to select all the text. (Command is used on the Mac)

Then Ctrl-C/Cmd-C will copy the highlight to the clipboard. Typically on Linux, the selection is automatically copied to your clipboard.

Then Ctrl-V/Cmd-V to paste it where you want. Alternatively on Linux, you can click both buttons on a 2-button mouse or the middle button on a 3-button mouse to paste or some mice with a scroll-wheel will have a separate middle mouse button.

Posted by Sunrise7 at Jan 24, 2010 3:30:54 PM
Re: Copying The Text From The Cross Reference Window
Thanks for the assistance of the volunteers.
I have Ubuntu Linux 8.04 and GnomeSword 2.2.3 Bible Guide and I was looking for how to copy from the Commentary to clipboard to OpenOffice.
Your mention of highlighting the text and using Control-C key combo to move to the clipboard and Paste to put into OpenOffice works great.
Very happy to find this option for Linux