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Posted by rosswell59 at Jun 1, 2008 5:14:20 PM
Module doesn't work like others
I recently installed the works of Josephus module. I unzipped it and moved the file to my modules folder. It didn't show up on my modules list after restarting MacSword. Next I tried add module from preferences which made the module appear in the list but doesn't allow reading anything more than the about page. I can open the .swd file using MacSword and it works but I can't do it from inside MacSword like my other modules. What am I doing wrong?
Ross Plotner

Posted by dmsmith at Jun 2, 2008 4:26:59 AM
Re: Module doesn't work like others
I'll preface this by saying I am not a MacSword user, but try to help where I can.

First, you should be running the latest MacSword from sourceforge. This will be 1.3.x, where x is a number like 3, 4, 5....

Your modules should be located at /Users/YourID/Library/Application Support/Sword. The modules can be either in a *.swd or in mods.d and modules. The latter is the SWORD standard and will allow other SWORD applications, such as BibleDesktop, to use the modules.

You can also use Eloquent (from MacSword's sourceforge page) as a module downloader. This will put modules where MacSword and BibleDesktop expects them.

If that still does not work, go into preferences and make sure that the location is on the Sword path. I don't remember what that is called offhand.

To read the module, you'll need to open the tray on the right to get to the "table of contents" and click through there to get to the different sections.

Hope this helps.

Posted by mdbergmann at Jun 12, 2008 12:06:50 PM
Re: Module doesn't work like others
The important thing is that you place your downloaded modules in the location that is configured in MacSword preferences under "module location".
In that folder MacSword searched on startup.

You can douple-click on .swd files and they open up but on the next "normal" MacSword startup and .swd file that is not located in the "module location" path is not recognized.

Maybe you would like to try MacSword versiob 1.4.0b1 which includes a remote module installer.