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Posted by Coburn at Nov 18, 2006 8:32:19 PM
Active verse
I use Sword in conjunction with OpenOffice or Word quite a bit.

When I copy and paste verses into the WP, the active verse always comes up in color.

Is there a simple way to tweak Sword so the copied verses don't have to be re-colored?

At work I get nervous doing stuff like that in Word 2003 because the XML tags easily collide and scramble my text formatting.

A good idea that Rick Myers used in e-Sword was to have macros that allowed you to copy verses to MS Word from your choice of Bibles, working entirely from the Word window.

Another good idea he had was a right-click menu option "Paste selected verses into [e-Sword's on-board text editor]". Of course I'd rather paste them into OO...

This particular option was configurable via a dialog box, so that you could format how your verse numbers and the textual reference (e.g. "Jas. 1.1 KJV") looked.

To summarize, I'd like to ask for a cleanup of the results of copy and paste, and mention a few interesting ideas.


Posted by dmsmith at Nov 20, 2006 5:26:10 AM
Re: Active verse
In OpenOffice: Edit -> Paste Special -> Unformatted Text
There may be a similar way in MS Word, but I copy to NotePad first.
Excel also has a paste special command.