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Posted by Brett at May 29, 2005 8:36:56 PM
KJV 2003 errors
I believe this module contains some errors. I have been trying to pull the text out for conversion to other software and I have noticed several errors in the New Testament. For example I was doing Luke last night and I noticed that the last 8 verses of chapter 15 were missing, errors in 15:24, 14:35 and 21:4. There also seem to be some scattered errors throughout where the morphology codes for several of the words in a verse is stuck at the end of the verse.

I haven't checked for any other verses missing yet. I just noticed those because of trying to fix the error in 15:24.

Is this a problem with this module or the Sword engine?

Anybody else notice this?

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Brett at Jun 1, 2005 1:44:30 PM
confused   Re: KJV 2003 errors
I'm sure someone else is concerned about the integrity of God's word to us.

Has anyone else changed to this module and noticed this?


Posted by lawson at Jun 7, 2005 7:36:38 PM
Re: KJV 2003 errors
What is the KJV2003, I do not see it on the module download page.

Posted by Brett at Jun 8, 2005 1:27:13 AM
Re: KJV 2003 errors
Hi lawson,

This is actually the latest KJV with Strong's numbers. The New Testament encoding in this Bible is a product of the KJV2003 project. This encoding has multiple errors along with some other problems like the one mentioned above.

Have you noticed?

Has anyone else noticed?

Does anyone use the KJV with Strong's numbers or Sword Project anymore? Does anyone care that the integrity of this Bible (or any for that matter) is compromised? Does anyone think it's important to distribute a Bible that's not corrupted?

Posted by lawson at Jun 30, 2005 8:00:44 PM
Re: KJV 2003 errors
I use the KJB all the time. I will look for the errors. I thought I had every module available installed. How do I know if the KJB I am looking at is the 2003?

Posted by Brett at Jul 9, 2005 12:50:09 AM
Re: KJV 2003 errors
You can look at the verses mentioned above and/or you can click Help=>About in the program and read about the installed Bibles. I wouldn't expect anything to change very soon...

Take care,

Posted by dmsmith at Oct 17, 2006 9:58:25 AM
Re: KJV 2003 errors
We have fixed all the reported errors in the KJV and re-released it.