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Posted by Shamgar at Mar 25, 2005 11:37:49 AM
rose   Requested Changes - Chapter verse & Cut/paste returned
Requested Changes - Chapter/verse & Cut/paste returned. I would like to see the option of having the Chapter and verse returned when you cut/paste from the text. It is very annoying to have to type in the Chapter and verse each time. Also, I would request the ability to cut the chapter and verse from the search window be returned also.

Posted by crosswire.w.micmurphys at Jul 30, 2006 5:35:13 PM
Re: Requested Changes - Chapter verse & Cut/paste returned
I think the whole Copy / Paste mechanism could stand some work. I would like to see that the standard Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V do a standard copy and paste into other programs. This should copy whatever is on screen (meaning chapter and verse numbers would be copied or not based on whether they were currently showing on screen).
I'd also like to see Ctrl + L take the cursor to the "Address Bar" where you can type in the verse reference that you want to see. This comes from Firefox and Internet Explorer where Ctrl + L takes the cursor to the Address bar so you can enter the URL that you wish to go to. Thanks.