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Posted by ebgd7 at Feb 21, 2005 9:09:11 AM
confused   Strange behaviur of osis2mod with paragraphs.
Hi there!
Firs of all thank You for releasing osis2mod for windows. Ok, now back to the problem. I have the following osis file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<osis xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
<osisText osisIDWork="NWT" osisRefWork="bible" xml:lang="en-US">
<work osisWork="NWT">
<title>New World Translation</title>
<type type="OSIS">Bible</type>
<identifier type="OSIS">Bible.en.NWT</identifier>
<work osisWork="Bible">
<type type="OSIS">Bible</type>
<div type="bookGroup" osisID="ot">
<div type="book" osisID="Gen">
<div type="chapter" osisID="Gen.1" >
<verse sID="Gen.1.1" osisID="Gen.1.1"/>
<verse eID="Gen.1.1"/>
<verse sID="Gen.1.2" osisID="Gen.1.2"/>
<verse eID="Gen.1.2"/>
<verse sID="Gen.1.3" osisID="Gen.1.3"/>
<verse eID="Gen.1.3"/>
<verse sID="Gen.1.4" osisID="Gen.1.4"/>
<verse eID="Gen.1.4"/>
<verse sID="Gen.1.5" osisID="Gen.1.5"/>
<verse eID="Gen.1.5"/>
<verse sID="Gen.1.6" osisID="Gen.1.6"/>
<verse eID="Gen.1.6"/>
</div> <!-- chapter-->

As You notice the paragraph marks are placed outside verses. From the OSIS point of view it should work fine, but it does not. There are three problems (possibly connected):
1) Looking at the resulting module at 'ot' file I can see that verses 2,3 and six are duplicated!
2) There are no closing paragraph tags (</p>)
3) finally, Sword for windows displays rubbish - some rtf formatting tags I do not understand...

I'm I doing something wrong here? Please help!

Posted by Osk at Feb 21, 2005 4:13:44 PM
Re: Strange behaviur of osis2mod with paragraphs.
First things first (before I even get around to trying to compile the file myself):

1) Please do not post cult material in the forums.
2) Please do not post copyrighted material in the forums. (Even excerpted.)

At first glance, I've got a couple comments on the OSIS style:

1) <div type="bookGroup"> is not necessary. It shouldn't cause a problem, but it isn't necessary.
2) <div type="chapter"> is not valid within a Bible. You must use <chapter>. <div type="chapter"> is for other genre of literature.

Posted by hermeneutes at Feb 21, 2005 4:15:39 PM
Re: Strange behaviur of osis2mod with paragraphs.
The only idea that comes to my mind is that maybe you should look at the .conf file settings for the module?



Posted by Osk at Feb 21, 2005 11:58:02 PM
Re: Strange behaviur of osis2mod with paragraphs.
Okay, answering your 3 points:

1) Correct. This is not a problem. Multiple verses don't get displayed, but in order to change a verse, it must be added again, in its entirely. You'll notice that the three verses that are duplicated (2, 3, & 6) are the three with closing paragraph markers (</p>)--that's because they are SUPPOSED to be adding those closing paragraph markers to the ends of each verse.

2) Someone changed the code. It used to add these, as shown by the fact that it is still re-adding the verses, as if there were new content to add. We'll have to take a look at the code and the various pieces of code that interact with </p>s for rendering and decide what changes to make.

3) This is due to point #2.

Posted by ebgd7 at Feb 22, 2005 12:51:02 AM
sad   Re: Strange behaviur of osis2mod with paragraphs.
I'm sorry for my 'misbehaviour' in the last post. I won't do that again and I will prepare 'neutral' examples next time. blushing
And just to add something from my investigation into the problem.
The closing tags are preserved ok if these are used INSIDE the verses:
<verse sID="Gen.1.1" osisID="Gen.1.1"/>
<verse eID="Gen.1.1"/>

OSIS documentation does not state whether it should be this way or another so i still consider this an bug in osis2mod - now with walkaround available thou.


Posted by Osk at Feb 22, 2005 6:36:09 AM
Re: Strange behaviur of osis2mod with paragraphs.
Tags that occur inside of a verse are handled by a different section of code. The fact that closing </p> and such are excluded by osis2mod IS a bug. You shouldn't use a workaround, rather wait for us to fix osis2mod.

Most of the Sword team are on vacation in the UK right now, but I will see if I can come up with a decent solution to the problem that doesn't require their input.