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Posted by stevehaines at Nov 9, 2004 2:26:04 PM
sad   /.sword/sword.conf Gone!
I installed BT today from the Debian package (.deb). All went well, including a couple of un-zipped modules. But then BT crashed, and wiped out the sword.conf file in the hidden directory /.sword (it is probably in your /home/user/ directory, but hidden. Can someone please copy for me the contents of that file? Without it, BT fires up, but shows NOTHING installed! TIA from rural Paraguay . . .

Posted by stevehaines at Nov 11, 2004 6:14:19 AM
smile   Re: /.sword/sword.conf Gone!
Joachim Ansorg of Sword-Support sent me the answer: sword.conf has two lines:

The crash is reproducible, at least for me. Open "configure sword" and then click on the normal close button (it doesn't matter what you do while the window is open.) BT crashes, KDE Crash Handler comes up, and sword.conf is blanked -- not deleted, but the contents are removed.