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Posted by darren at Sep 17, 2004 7:12:16 PM
Debian Packages Missing
Debian packages used to be available for automatic download at Now the debian directory is gone. Can anyone explain what happened?

Posted by jansorg at Sep 18, 2004 1:21:50 AM
Re: Debian Packages Missing
I think the debian packages were not maintained any more and were not restored on the new server.

The current version of BibleTime has an integrated installation manager for modules, which installs into $HOME/.sword/ as default. This will integrate nicely in Debian.

GnomeSword has an InstallMgr in development as far as I know.


Posted by g4s at Sep 18, 2004 4:41:23 PM
Re: Debian Packages Missing
try apt-get install bibletime
or apt-get install gnomesword2

works for me on debian unstable (sarge)

it's in the main debian repository

Posted by Coburn at Sep 12, 2006 5:05:10 PM
Re: Debian Packages Missing
I use Ubuntu and Gnomesword is in the main