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Posted by caleb at Jun 8, 2011 1:59:36 PM
Re: Is it Possible...
Hello Manfred,

I recently download and installed Eloquent and after the second use, it started giving me a "Session Load Error" every time I load the app. If I click past the error message, I tries to load me default bible but just sits and spins without ever actually loading it. I've tried opening a different tab, but it still won't load any of the bibles. However, it will load commentaries and lexicons/dictionaries. I've moved the whole app to the trash and then moved a new instance to my Applications folder, but it still does the same thing. Do you know what might be going on and is there any way to get around this, like building a new default session, which is obviously corrupt?

Thanks much,

Posted by mdbergmann at Jun 9, 2011 12:23:19 AM
Re: Is it Possible...

I'm not fully sure I understand the workflow you have been doing until the error occurred.
I understand that you managed to start the app and open a tab with the bible you wanted and also were able to look at the bible text?
Then you quit the app and on the next start you got the session load error?

The problem could be that the bible module is not complete and when Eloquent tries to load the session or when a new tab is opened it gets locked up while trying to load this module.