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Posted by moharasij at Mar 24, 2011 4:55:38 PM
Questions about possible cooperation with SCM
Hi everyone,
I asked SCM some time ago for modules of their bibles.
Now I got an e-mail back with a positive reply, that there is principal interest in having an Elberfelder module for sword.

I am now asked two questions:
1. Is the way via registration keys, similar to the HFA module the only possible one or are there other simpler procedures possible to unlock modules?
I know no other methods, but maybe I have simply not found it.

2. I am asked for a sample contract that had to be done.
If I see it correctly there is no contract in itself necessary to sell module keys or provide locked modules, am I right?
Is there a contract necessary for cooperating with crosswire for helping in creating such a module, so they don't loose their copyright on the text?


Posted by mdbergmann at Apr 2, 2011 3:31:09 AM
Re: Questions about possible cooperation with SCM
That's really good news.

I'm not aware of any simpler procedures for locking/unlocking except using no encryption at all.

I think you better write to the dev mailing list. Peter van Kähne (refdoc) is in touch with DBG. He can give you more details about contracts and stuff.
Not sure if he looks here in the forum too often.


Posted by moharasij at Apr 3, 2011 7:13:48 AM
Re: Questions about possible cooperation with SCM
Hey, can you tell me the email address of Peter van Kähne so I can contact him?