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Posted by Kunio at Mar 6, 2011 11:57:57 PM
auto scrolling
Thank Nic so much for your voting work for PocketSword.
It really been blessing for me and those whom I encouraged to use it.

my friend requested if auto verse scrolling be possible. The scrolling speed be adjusted by the setting. He is using PocketSword to read the Bible while he is laying...

Now, PocketSword is intended for Bible Studies and not just for casual reading. But well, I just drop a line of request here anyway.

Thank you.


Posted by niccarter at Mar 7, 2011 3:41:14 AM
Re: auto scrolling
Hi Kunio,

I'm glad to hear that PocketSword is so useful for you :)

I was actually thinking about auto scrolling last week, and that may be something that we can incorporate into PocketSword in the near future? Thanks for the reminder -- I'll shoot off an email about this now. :)
PocketSword Developer