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Posted by Coburn at Sep 12, 2006 5:42:35 PM
confused   Re: Where is the RSV modules?
This has been an issue with both Sword and e-Sword. The RSV module existed at one time, then it disappeared for some unknown reason.

My conjecture is that somebody put together a module from text in (e.g.) the Oxford archives, and then was contacted by the publisher of the RSV and asked to pull it for copyright reasons.

If I'm wrong, let me add my voice to the chorus. I would love to have a Bible in plain, modern English that is both accurate and pleasant to read. The versions available now are, for the most part, public domain because they are second-rate or have features of obscure interest, and there is little demand for them. I use the WEB now because it is close enough, but I'm waiting with eager anticipation...