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Posted by semerenko at Jan 19, 2006 12:14:07 PM
Re: Swordweb server details needed
Thanks for the help, that got me past those errors. Apparently I missed an error when I first ran ./usrinst where it checks for needed installations. The first of "no"s was:
checking how to run the C++ processor...g++ -E
checking for
checking for
chekcing for
There are 20 of the "checking for.." that end with ""

When I run the "make" command I now get a string of error messages that start with:
../src/modules/swmodule.cpp:1162: error: syntax error before "::"
./src/modules/swmodule.cpp:1163: error: syntax error before "!="
./src/modules/swmodule.cpp:1163: error: syntax errorbefore "++"
./src/modules/swmodule.cpp:1162: error: syntax error before "::"

There were a few hundred such errors. Thanks again for the help.