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Posted by Osk at Mar 7, 2005 1:18:18 PM
Re: Catholic books?
The reason for the lack of deuterocanonicals in any of the Bibles is that Sword currently does not support them. We would love for someone (a programmer) to help us work on this and complete some of the work that has been started in this area.

Part of the reason for lack of Catholic resources in general is that there are fewer Catholic resources in English. We have quite a few Catholic resources if one compares all langauges. The other major problem is, as you suggest, that many of the available resources are not distributable because of copyright.

I believe the Jerusalem Bibles, original as well as new, are copyrighted. The NAB certainly is, as you mention. As is the NRSV. We may work somewhat in the area of getting some of these translations on sale--but I can't make any promises about that.