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Posted by rhiamom at Mar 3, 2005 11:12:58 AM
sad   Catholic books?
May I assume that the lack of Catholic bible versions is due to copyright isues? I can't understand why the old Revised Standard version isn't available, unless it's copyright. I know there are copyright issues for the New American Bible, Catholic version.

The Doauy-Rheims is an approved version, but those modules are both somewhat incomplete, and that translation is a bit old. I sure wish the Jerusalem Bible -NOT the New Jerusalem Bible- was available as a Sword module. It's the version I read the most.

Catholic Bible commentary would be good, too. And the works of the early Church Fathers, like St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas. And The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis to go along with The Practice of the Presence of God.

It's easy to feel discriminated against when there are so many bible versions made into modules...and only one Catholic...and that not even complete...