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Posted by ebgd7 at Feb 7, 2005 2:02:18 AM
smile   Re: OSIS import creates general book, not bible
How are you, ebgd7?
If you send me your NWT osis xml, I'll convert it for you.
I'm using gnomesword in linux, so already have osis2mod installed.

Thank You for Your generous offer. The bible module I'm currently working on needs a lot of work - especially proof-reading and KJV verse tuning so It will take considerable amoun t of time (half a year at least if noone will help me) - I hope that during this time new version of Sword for Windows will finally surface :-)
I'm working on the Polish Bible that is already available (New Testament) in the Sword Project. My addition is inclusion of footnotes and references and also addition of Old Testament. And Yes we have the copyright owner permission (hooray!!).

Right now I'm simply generating IMP files with OSIS markup and it works althou maybe not perfectly.