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Posted by Osk at Jan 16, 2005 1:01:31 PM
Re: Problems with references and notes in IMP/Osis file
First, note that you are not promised full OSIS support in Sword 1.5.6. OSIS support will improve in Sword 1.5.8, which were working on presently. If you find behavior you believe is incorrect, please bring it to our attention so that we may evaluate it and consider how to fix the problem (or tell you that the behavior is correct, if it is).

Also note that osis2mod does more to OSIS files than simply import them to the correct database positions (which is the behavior you will always get with imp2vs). I don't believe any of that should affect <note> elements, however. But osis2mod is really the only tool we will support for OSIS import. I'll try to remember to post a windows binary this week.

Once again partly self support forum...
From the code reverse engineering it looks like the osis notes are simply not working. So putting:
<note>A simple note without a type</note>
in verse number 1.
produces: "*n1" which opens empty box upon pointing with cursor.
Is this correct? (as of Sword 1.5.6 for Windows?)

This is correct syntax for a note and it works fine in more recent builds of the SWORD Project for Windows. (So it's probably just lack of support back in 1.5.6.)

Another thing that does not work are the osisRef's in <reference> tag.
<reference osisRef="John.2.3">John 2</reference>

Results in the reference to John 2 and not John 2:3!!! So basicly osisRef's are ignored!.

That may be. I think we had some trouble with the RTF dealing with <href> tags and we might not be able to link to a different reference from what is written in English. (Can anyone else confirm that?) Our roadmap for fixing this bug is to change rendering engines, and there's no ETA on that. It should work fine in all other frontends.