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Posted by jdhardin at Sep 5, 2004 2:40:54 PM
Feature requests
Dear Will,

Thanks for the hard work on the additions to MacSword. I have two feature requests:

(1) Synched scrolling: One feature I really miss from other version of Sword (e.g. BibleTime under the alpha version of the KDE Aqua port) is a way to synchronize scrolling of multiple versions. Might there be a way to do this using tabs or other text panes under Cocoa?

(2) Different fonts specified for different versions: Lucida Grande or other Unicode-aware fonts under OS X are all rendered the same by MacSword except for those such as Code2000 and the SIL fonts. Code 2000, although not without minor bugs in rendering under OS X, is a beautiful for Hebrew, but not for Greek or Roman character sets (in my opinion). Greek and Roman characters look great with Arial/Lucida Grande/Times New Roman, etc. It would be great to specific on a module-by-module basis what font should be used. This is obviously most useful for non-Roman texts such as Greek and Hebrew, but also likely things like Arabic, Asian languages, etc.

Thanks again for the hard work!

Jeff Hardin