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Posted by karl at Dec 6, 2012 5:26:39 AM
Re: NET maps
NETmaps is available like that ("initially broken") because I never anticipated, 6+ years ago, that a Sword app environment would ever come into existence where the user would be unable to go into the directory where module content is stored and just replace content there. iPhone/iPad is such a sterile environment that this is not possible.

The maps themselves are's, and not content that I have any business redistributing. So I created the module with boilerplate images that show the user how to deal with it...except that the explanation is not useful in the iPhone/iPad universe. On any other platform, it's not a big deal: You surf the URL offered, you pick up image files, you copy those replacement image files into the images directory where the boilerplate image files already are. *Poof* You've got a fully-functional NETmaps module.

As it is, for iPhone/iPad, yes, you've got to get the module onto a real computer, tear it open manually, get the images, replace them in the module content, re-construct the result, and move it in "module maintainer mode" to the device. Yeah, that's a pain, and utterly impractical for Apple users. No, I have no plans to try to make it easier for Apple users.
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