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Posted by john0 at Aug 7, 2012 5:46:52 PM
Re: OSIS Compliant Daily Devotional Help
I've had some success with this. One key was to use the commandline:

imp2ld devtest.imp devtest 2

At that stage it was still missing January 1, but I could fix that by adding an additional entry at the top with $$$00.00 This is just a hack to get it to behave. Anyone know what is the "right" way to do that?

I notice now that Xiphos doesn't seem to need the <p> or <div> tags. Are these recommended or just superflous in the example above?

What is the recommended way of doing links in this case? If I do
<reference osisRef="Genesis.1">Genesis 1</reference>
Then when I click on it it just gives a verse list of each verse in the chapter in the verse list window. I would have preferred clicking to just go straight to that passage in the Bible window. Is there a way of doing that?

Alternatively, as there are a number of passages for that day, is it possible to tie together two references such as these:
<reference osisRef="Genesis.1.1">Genesis 1</reference>
<reference osisRef="Psalm.1.1">Psalm 1-2</reference>
into one unit, so that when you click on them they both appear in the verse list? Otherwise all my links will just end up as single entry verse-lists, having to click the link and then click in the verse list.