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Posted by Shamgar at Jul 24, 2004 10:44:32 AM
Re: I want to install bibletime on my linux mandrake 10.
dnipro, I understand your frustration. One thing I really like about windows, at least the older versions, they gave you complete instructions how to install the prgram on your machine. I will admit that I have no clue how to run most of the things on Windows or Linux. I am a point and click kind of guy. However, I don't need to be an engineer nor a mechanic to figure out how operate an automobile.

I have asked many people how to install these Linux programs and I hardly ever get a straight answer. They had to figure it out so they want you to figure it out. Sorry, but I don't want to figure it out. I have no desire to be an automobile mechanic nor a automobile engineer. I just want to run my computer like I run my car.

If you read Romans 14:13 it warns about putting a stumbling block in front of another brother. No by my way of thinking, it wouldn't take very much effort for the developers to put down the exact steps to install the programs {In and out of a terminal window] for Windows and Linux on a Readme file. Is that so much to ask for the people who are not computer literate, a weaker brother?

Now that I have "vented my spleen", I will give you the information I used to install my Bibletime on Mandrake 9.2. These are not my instruction but from someone else who installed Mandrake specifically to get my program to install. Don't ask me any questions since I am not computer literate! Hopefully it will install on Mandrake 10 the same way it installed on Mandrake 9.2.


*** insert bibletime/sword CD; note that in mandrake, the cd automounts

*** from the kde menu, select: configuration -> packaging -> software
sources manager

** enter root password, click OK

** CONFIGURE SOURCES dialogue box appears:

* click ADD (or UPDATE, if you already have a 'bibletime' entry)

** ADD A SOURCE dialogue box appears:

* type of source: removable device

* name: bibletime

* path or mount point:

click BROWSE
double-click ../
double-click ../
double-click mnt/
double-click cdrom/
click OK [this should cause the path or mount point to be displayed as
/mnt/cdrom ]
click OK

*** from the kde menu, select: configuration -> packaging -> install

** enter root password, click OK

** RPMDRAKE9.1 dialogue box appears:

* find [in name] 'sword'; click SEARCH

* found:


> * check all these items, then click INSTALL

* SIGNATURE VERIFICATION ERROR dialogue box appears:

* "install it anyway?" click YES TO ALL

* "installation successful"

* find [in name] bibletime; click SEARCH

* found:


* check both items, then click INSTALL


* "install it anyway?" click YES TO ALL

* "installation successful"

** (the setup wizard doesn't run)

** "no modules installed"

*** (download modules from

* download (or copy from CD) 'raw' modules to /usr/share/sword

* unzip modules one-by-one with the command


*** from the kde menu, start bibletime


Bibletime installation of modules from Terminal Window (raw commands):
2.Password /mnt/cdrom /tmp
5.mkdir modules modules
7.cp -r/mnt/cdrom/modules-bible
8.cp -r/mnt/cdrom/modules-reference modules-bible
10. cp * /usr/share/sword
11. cd ..
12. cd module-reference
13. cp * /usr/share/sword
14. cd /usr/share/sword
15. unzip (repeat for all modules)
16. Go to KDE/Applications/BibleStudy/Bibletime: You will get a first time start up window. Close and Bibletime will start.