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Posted by Osk at Jul 6, 2004 1:21:38 AM
Re: Bug with windows95 & other little things
"The Sword Project" is an excellent piece of software! It even impressed my pastor - a korean presbyterian missionaire here in Brazil -, and now he is distributing it among his missionaire friends...

But something weird happened: when using it with an old pentium166 with korean Win95 (that was gathering dust in my church), it does not display text from non-romanized modules (e.g., the korean bible doesn't display correctly in the korean win95! - only a bunch of ???'s appear). This problem doesn't occurs with korean winXP (haven't tested with other korean OS')

If you see ???'s, it means you don't have a font installed to display the module correctly. In Windows, you can usually get font support working by going to the international options control panel and installing language support for the language you need. You would think that Korean Windows has Korean support already installed, but it may not have Unicode fonts installed correctly, so it is still worthwhile to try the control panel.

If that fails, you can also install a general purpose font with lots of characters, like Code2000, and manually set the font for the Korean module using the preferences menu in the SWORD Project.

The other little things are: how do we submit a software translation correction? or how do we submit a new software translation?

Email them to