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Posted by GuilhermeAugustoBA at Nov 13, 2011 6:58:56 AM
[Doubt] How do verses on the internet, documents (LibreOffice, etc.) or other means to link the program Xiphos Bible?
Hello, good morning everyone. I want to express that the forum is a good learning tool. It's been beneficial to learn with you all.
In the release notes on the official website of the Xiphos has something related to this:
"When invoking Xiphos saw the sword: / / link, multi-refs are handled in the verse list. That is, the single link" sword: / / / Gen.1.1; Rev.1.1 "does what you expect, is identically the multi-clicking the bookmark ref. "[I confess I did not understand this note].

Based on this, I wondered if there was chance to see the verses in LibreOffice documents, or even on sites with Internet browsers that connect to the program Xiphos Bible.

I thank, have a nice day.
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