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Posted by ninjaaron at Sep 3, 2011 11:41:37 AM
Re: New Name Voting
Please not 'iSomething'

It's so played out. When the iMac came out, it meant "Internet Macintosh," and somehow now it just means "Apple Product." I don't mean this as an attack on anyone who likes the name, but it almost feels like it cheapens the software, which is a little ironic, given that it's a medium for the most valuable thing in the world. If I may, I'd like to set one of my votes against 'iSword.' Maybe that's cheating.

Of the names suggested I prefer 'Biblia'.

It might be nice to go with something a little more descriptive riffing off of "Biblia."

Something like Biblia Phanera, "Open books." Φανερα (phanera) is a really nice word to use here, cause it can mean 'open' as in manifest, but it can also mean 'open' as in public. It's a nice wordplay that really capture what the Sword Project is all about, and it differentiates it from other uses of the word in proprietary contexts, such as and Biblia Sacra from the German Bible Society. It also sort of plays with the idea of the "open book" in Revelation, though a different Greek root is there (referring to the physical act of opening).

It's also nice in Hebrew: "Sepher Patuach" (ספר פתוח, lit: 'open book'). In Hebrew, it makes me think more about the reversal of the sealing of the book in Isaiah 29:11-12 (which, of course, is related directly to the image Revelation 10:2+8). Hebrew is also nice because there isn't really any major Bible software with a Hebrew name, and there are already a couple with Greek names (Xiphos, one of MacSword's sisters on Linux, and, of course, Logos)