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Posted by SeminaryLEPC at Jun 30, 2004 11:21:18 AM
BHS module - Hebrew characters are not clearly shown
I am using the BHS module frequently for reference to the original texts of the Old Testament. Normally, in "Sword" all non-Latin scripts for Korean, Chinese and Arabic Bible translations are clearly shown by the MS arialunicodfont - with exception of the BHS Hebrew text in that module. I can see that the massorah (vowel diacritics) are incorporated but some are not clearly visible, other letters and vowel diacrtitics seem to have a "corrupt" display. Is there anything that can be done about this? I have also installed arial32 font for special support of Hebrew and Greek character display.

I would need to consult BHS more frequently from autumn (fall) this year onwards as I will have a Bible translation team to go with me to a special part of China to launch a Bible translation project into one of China's non-Chinese ethnic minority languages. (I cannot give more details due to obvious reasons of security).- This would be real field work in a remote mountain area where these people live, and I would primarily make use of my notebook there.

But there may be other users as well here on the board who would welcome a clearer and nicer display of the Hebrew letters. I still have some MS Word version for the entire BHS Hebrew text and could make it available if needed by anyone (very clear and nice character display including the vowel diacritics!). However, text editing in the BHS mdule of SWORD does not seem to be the major problem; I think it is one of proper font display of the Hebrew characters.
Is there anyone who has some ideas?
Have a great day, and God bless from China!