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Posted by johnh86 at Jul 4, 2011 5:17:46 PM
sad   Footnotes Gone in Version 2.3.4/2021
I recently downloaded 2.3.2 from the Eloquent website. I then installed the KJV, ESV, and LEB Bibles. I turned on the footnotes, and I could hover over a note to see it. I then changed my preferences to automatically check for updates. It told me that and update was available, which was version 2.3.4/2021. I installed this update and rebooted. I then opened up a Bible and showed the footnotes. However, when I hover over a footnote, all that is shown is a small empty box. I can't seem to get the footnotes to show on any of my Bibles since the update. Is anyone else having this issue, or does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help!