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Posted by pypsichok at May 20, 2011 5:38:44 PM
Re: Russian Language Bible (specifically Old Testament)
David M,

I just saw the thread in regards to a Russian Bible and read some posts. Sounds like you guys are creating a russian full bible from scratch? is the scoop. For the past few years, there has been a Russian Bible by the name of RST in the official Crosswire repository. The way the verses were structured in that RST bible was to match KJV bible. Additionally it had Strong numbers in it. This bible also had spaces missing between many of the words.

Well, there are few of us Slavic speaking folks, who wanted to improve upon this RST bible, by fixing all the missing spaces.

So more than a year ago, one of the guys from Russia submitted a fixed version of the RST, additionally, it had headings, crossreferences added to it. A really great version!!!! It was submitted to Crosswire for review!

Well, after numerous inquries about the status of this module, where it was in the review process, the next thing that happen was that in March, 2011, the existing RST that was out there with mistakes for MANY YEARS was removed due to "copyright violation" with the following explanation:

1) The KJV and its versification system are in the public domain, due to
their age. The Synodal Bible and its versification system are also in
the public domain, due to their age.

The act of mapping the Synodal Bible onto the KJV versification system
is a complex procedure that was done by hand, and the company that
commissioned it claims copyright.

2) Strong's numbers aren't themselves copyrighted, but their assignment
to particular words in a text generally requires hand tagging. The
company that commissioned the Strong's tagging claims copyright on them.

Further, the company that holds copyright on this particular Synodal
Bible text is not interested in licensing it.

After numerous chatting on the crosswire developer forum, the consensus was that simply making the RST verses match KJV, is NOT a copyrighted process! It can be run through a script to do it automatically. There is NO issue with the above #1.

Additionally someone had a python script to parse the words and crudely assign Strong numbers to words. From the number #2 above it was not fully clear what the copyright violation was, BUT still we suggested to contact the Strong Number's copyright holder to see if they would allow Strong Numbers to be in the RST (whoever it is), or in the worst case scenario, resubmit the RST module WITHOUT the Strong Numbers.

It is May, 2011 now, and there is ZERO interest from Crosswire to respond to resolve the problem and work this issue thru. While, there is NO RUSSIAN BIBLE CURRENTLY OUT THERE in Crosswire module list. Just the New Testament is out there.

Any attempts to talk to the few folks and one blessed soul in particular (who yanked the RST off the list), was not going anywhere and hitting a brick wall in the discussions.

We've asked for more information on who was complaining about RST violating copyrights. (still waiting...) The module has been out there for years, and NO one had an issue.

My gut feeling, I'd love to be wrong, there WAS NO complaint from external entities. Some person X just made an executive decision to pull RST off the Crosswire module list, based on couple of ficticious reasons with no concrete reasons/complaints to back up those actions. (search on developer forum for the discussion of the above two items).

Now, having explained that, tread with caution creating a new Russian Bible.

Because some have spent years making the RST Bible awesome (fix typos, add headings, footnotes, crossreferences), had submitted it for review, and only ended up in the worst position than we were before. (RST being removed completely!)

Hate to see you do all the work, and then have frivolous reasons given to you why the module can't be posted, or it is violating some ficticious, imaginary copyright.

Peace and God Bless~


p.s... if you are looking for Russian Bible, send me a private message:-)