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Posted by wwjdusa at May 17, 2011 9:33:33 PM
Re: Russian Language Bible (specifically Old Testament)
I apologize that it took me a while to respond to your messages... I have summer classes and at times, I have little time.

I followed your instructions for "FTP" and I was successfully able to download the Russian Bible. Thank you for keeping your computer on, so that I could download the file.

It makes no difference for me whether the numbering is in English format or in Russian format. However, most Russian speaking people would prefer the Russian format, since it exactly matches the Russian Bibles. Many people are not aware that the numbering is slight different between the English Bible and the Russian Bible. To these people, it would be slightly confusing if they open Psalm 100 and it shows Psalm 101.

Yes, Psalms 114:9 and Psalms 101:28 have the actual verse, but had a missing verse number. Just in case, here is the corrected file:

In Russian language, there are two Bibles. The two Bibles have identical texts, but have different amount of books. The first Bible is the "Canon Bible" and it has 66 books like the English Bible. The second Bible is the "Full Bible" and it has additional books like "Wisdom of Solomon" and "Maccabees". In the Slavic culture, the Protestant denominations accept and read the "Full Bible". In America, the only the Catholics use the "Full Bible" and Catholics call it "Catholic Bible" or "Apocrypha books". In Slavic culture, the "Full Bible" is not recommended for new believers because of its content. For example, in Maccabees, Jews are fried on pans because they refuse to eat pork. As the result, many churches prefer the "Canon Bible", while at times do actually use the "Full Bible".

As for Proverbs 18:25... It falls into the "Full Bible" category. If you open a "Canon Bible", then you will not find Proverbs 18:25.

Also, if you open a Canon Bible, then you will not find these verses: Manasses, I Esdras, II Esdras, Tobit, Judith, Wisdom of Solomon, Sirach, Epistle of Jeremiah, Baruch, I Maccabees, II Maccabees, III Maccabees, Daniel 3:34-100, Daniel 13, Daniel 14, Psalms 151, Proverbs 18:25

Please remove these from your list and compile/create the "Canon Bible". Once it is compiled, notify me and I will download it from your IP address. I will once again go through the verification process.

After we are fully finished with the "Canon Bible"... If you would like, I can help you create a "Full RSV Bible". However, we would need to obtain "special approval" from the "official servers". The reason that I say this, is that they might refuse to host "Full RSV Bible", because it contains "apocrypha books". By the way, the RSV Full Bible does not have "Manasses", while it does have "III Maccabees". ("III Maccabees" is not on your error list). Also canon "Ezra" is the exact same book as full Bible "1 Esdras".