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Posted by wwjdusa at May 10, 2011 11:40:37 AM
Re: Russian Language Bible (specifically Old Testament)
At home, I do not have Wifi, and so I had to go to college to follow these instructions:

In college, I 'm able to follow difertions to a certain extent and then I get stuck. My ipod touch shows the "Bonjour" and the "IP" address, but it does not show the "Web" address. For "web address", my ipod touch says "Web: Unable to determine external IP". I installed Safari on the college computer with Bonjour service. When I enter the "Bonjour" address into Safari's URL, but I was told that "Safari can't open the page". When I entered the "IP" address, I was told the same thing. I tried entering the addresses into Internet Explorer and I received the same results.

I'm not sure what to do, to get around this problem. Therefore, I am not able to test out your module. Maybe you could give me some directions on how to get around the problem.

Something else that you could do, is submit the Russian Old Testament to the official servers. Then, I could download it and test it out. If I find any mistakes, I would report them to you and you could make corrections.

Once again, I appologize that I am having problems with following the directions. Thank you for doing the difficult portion of the work and I ask you to guide me with the easy portion.