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Posted by lvrooy at May 6, 2011 12:29:58 AM
Re: Eloquent not displaying Bibles
Thanks for the quick response, Manfred.

Bibles: AKJV, ASV Afr1953, LITV, MKJV, NETfree, RNKJV, TR & WLC

Some background: I had MS installed before upgrading to v2. The bibles did display a few times and then stopped (that apparently, was the incompatible v1 modules). I then installed Eloquent, but still no luck with bible displays; I still had the v1 modules at the time. I only then updated the modules, but still no luck. As a test, I installed MS v2 again, and this time the bibles displayed ok. I then deleted all modules, installed Eloquent & did a complete re-download of all the modules, but no luck with the bibles' display. The module installs was done from within Eloquent.

Had a look in .../App Support/Eloquent, but can't see anything resembling a ref to the downloaded bible modules except for AKJV, which, BTW, do not display either.