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Posted by JonGl at May 1, 2011 6:55:25 AM
Re: Converting from MacSword to Eloquent
1 There is still a folder called modules that exists at iMac/Jeffrey/Documents/Modules that contains all of my modules (many of which Eloquent does not have) Is it possible to tell Eloquent where these are? Eloquent has an, "Install Source Window" which allow you to pick a Local source, but I don't know how to fill in the rest of the fields - plus, one of them seems permanently 'grayed out' - the Host Window.

2. One window, the "Install Source Window" has an option for finding Local files, but no way to browse for them. I tried to write down the proper info, but it was very PC oriented, and I haven't touched a PC since the age of DOS. Anyhow, is there a way to point it to the file on my computer with all the MacSword modules?

3. If not, can you tell me where all the MacSword & Eloquent files are supposed to be located? If I find where Eloquent keeps its modules, will I be able to drag my MacSword modules into the Eloquent files? Will they work.

It is not so complicated as it seems at first. In that window that you see when you choose "Local" when you go to add a new install source, in the top-right of the window, you should see a new button, named "Directory". This is the button you need to click on.

When you click on it, you will see the standard "Open" Dialog. Navigate to your old Modules folder, and making sure that you see the mods.d and Modules folder in the last pane, click on "Open". Next, back in the other window, give your source a name (and the "host" is greyed out, because it's locallost, which cannot be changed), and click on OK. Now, you should see your modules in the sidebar on the left.

4. I downloaded 'cro' = croatian bible into Eloquent, then did a search for 'cro' using spotlight - absolutely nothing appeared. Mac has a mysterious way of dealing with its files.

Spotlight doesn't index certain folders, the Library is one of those folders, and that's where the modules are now kept. Go to your User Home folder, next find your Library folder. Inside that, find the Application Support folder, and inside there, you should see a folder, named "Sword". That should be where all your modules will be located that Eloquent uses. You can manually move your modules there, but honestly, it's enough complicated, that it's probably easier to use the module installer with the local source. HTH...