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Posted by treader at Apr 13, 2011 8:41:29 PM
Re: Thai Bible & Concordance available as .exe files - any way to use in Eloquent?
Thanks Philip!

Good 'ol songkran (Thai New Year) is here! Thai's laugh when I call it Songkram nahm (Water war). But that's pretty much what it has turned into. I just stay home - and dry - the whole time.

I have the info, and your generous offer to make it even easier for me. I'll have to see. After all your really hard work, I feel like a wimp in comparison, because, I don't know how much work vs. the benefit derived would be. As I said, my friends have moved away - for better business opportunities, and only 1 of them (a family now in India) is on a Mac. I am at least leaving my present location - Koh Samui - and going to explore in Malaysia, India and Indonesia for the possibly of relocation.

It basically boils down to whether I have to do it a chapter at a time, or not. As this thread has progressed, so has my understanding of the amount of time needed. Still, I haven't totally given up yet!

May God bless you too!