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Posted by treader at Apr 10, 2011 2:09:05 AM
Re: Thai Bible & Concordance available as .exe files - any way to use in Eloquent?
Hi Philip,

First, I'd like to thank you for translating the KJV into Thai. That was a monumental undertaking! It must have occupied a good portion of your life! That will be built on the Rock for sure!

I have been using the module for several years that is available through the MacSword link. I'm sorry that I'm not very computer savvy, or technically minded to say whether I can make the new Red Letter Edition, and Concordance into modules, but anything is possible. I will look into creating modules, and determine whether it is over my head or not. However, I'm going to be busy - at least for the next month.

At present, one can select the words of Jesus in red when viewing, but I don't know how accurate that is, as my Thai ability is poor. I know that to do a simple word search seems pretty bad. I would highlight the Thai word (to the best of my understanding of Thai - or have a Thai friend help) and copy/paste it into the search field. However, the results always came up far short of what I knew the word should have yielded in English, but it could be my error. So I know that your Red letter Edition, would probably be an improvement, and your Concordance would certainly be an improvement. Plus, Eloquent is a definite improvement over MacSword, so getting it to work in that would be most helpful.

Thanks again,

Treader (actually, Jeffrey)