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Posted by moharasij at Mar 24, 2011 4:55:38 PM
Questions about possible cooperation with SCM
Hi everyone,
I asked SCM some time ago for modules of their bibles.
Now I got an e-mail back with a positive reply, that there is principal interest in having an Elberfelder module for sword.

I am now asked two questions:
1. Is the way via registration keys, similar to the HFA module the only possible one or are there other simpler procedures possible to unlock modules?
I know no other methods, but maybe I have simply not found it.

2. I am asked for a sample contract that had to be done.
If I see it correctly there is no contract in itself necessary to sell module keys or provide locked modules, am I right?
Is there a contract necessary for cooperating with crosswire for helping in creating such a module, so they don't loose their copyright on the text?